Saturday, October 10, 2009

GBN News Editorial: A Lasting Peace Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize came as a surprise to practically everyone, not the least of whom was this year’s recipient, President Obama. After all, critics protested, what has he really done so far? But the prize was purportedly given to Mr. Obama as much for the potential of his initial peacemaking steps as for any tangible accomplishments.

The President has indeed managed to bring together, in the same room, adversaries who until now have been unwilling to even speak to each other. To get mortal enemies to share a handshake is no mean accomplishment, and the President certainly deserves credit for trying. But what good can really come from bringing together antagonists who have practically nothing in common besides huge egos and their own cynical agendas?

Therefore, while GBN News congratulates Mr. Obama, if the peace agreement between Newt Gingrich and the Reverend Al Sharpton does not reap any meaningful benefits, the Nobel Prize will be a hollow victory indeed for the President.